Rail Services 

Pin Point Accuracy

Pin Point accuracy is critical to all rail infrastructure stakeholders.

To ensure Pin Point accuracy is maintained and dimensional errors are not, our site engineers rigorously establish robust site control networks. These take the form of grid lines, datums and control points precisely installed on every site.

These calculations are vital to any project and are relied upon by main contractors and sub-contractors alike. The requirement for precise positioning is paramount, whether it be Precast or in-situ concrete, tracks, steelwork, stairs, platforms, bridges and other rail related structures. Pin Point S&E ensure that structural engineers' and architects' designs are accurately transferred to the real world, enabling construction to start.

How we can help you

Pin Point S&E offer a range of engineering and surveying services to the rail industry.  

We are accredited experts in all areas of rail infrastructure and have over 75 years of combined experience.

We offer the rail industry a range of key services, which include:

For more information about how our engineers and surveyors can help you on your rail infrastructure projects, please contact us today for a free and no obligation initial consultation by either calling us on 07985 172966 or emailing us details of your enquiry to info@pinpoint.co.uk

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Pre-build Checks & Detection

Often on a project there can be multiple designers representing a variety of design disciplines. This has the opportunity to lead to clashing and unforeseen issues.

We can offer a final check service, by taking each AFC drawing and overlaying, all the way back to original survey.

Achieved by means of 3D render for clarity, this service is conducted remotely so there's no disruption to site. 


3D Laser Scanning & Point Clouds

With the fall in equipment pricing and increase of awareness, 3D laser scanning has become the new normal within the construction industry.

Far superior to traditional topographic surveying methods, in speed, accuracy, quantity and quality of data. 


Topographic surveys, as-built surveys, trial erections and much more. 


Setting Out

We pride ourselves on offering a unique service to the industry. We know that setting out is often not a full time requirement so why not pay for what you need, we want to keep your project moving.


By partnering with GeoMax and embracing their revolutionary forward thinking approach to instrumentation, it allows us to take advantage of the inbuilt cloud storage, as well as the many other brilliant new features.  



In the rail industry, construction takes place whilst the operational railway is in effect. Understandably there is an obligation to ensure the two entities co-exist and do not affect each other.  This process is involved and understandably difficult for anyone unfamiliar with the processes. 

We can take care of the whole process for you, by setting it up, monitoring and feeding back results to the correct channels. Allowing you to concentrate on other things.